The 98th Semi-Annual Williams Trivia Contest

May 15–16, 2015, brought to you by:

Freaky and the Fridays

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Congratulations to Honey Bunches of Scrotes on your victory! We can't wait to see what you throw at us in January. And if you or anyone else would like to join us, we'll be hosting a second breakfast at 5pm Saturday in Jesup 106.


All teams must register before they can begin answering questions.

Registering allows you to submit boni answers electronically via this site. This is important because we are NOT accepting answers by email this year. Registering also ensures that we won't screw up your team name, and allows you to submit a team roster, and other nifty stuff.

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  • If that fails, send mail to ggw2 [ at ] williams [ dot ] edu.