The 106th Semi-Annual Williams Trivia Contest

May 10–11, 2019, brought to you by:

Four Oreos Away from Paradise

What the heck is Williams Trivia?

Trivia is a glorious and time-honored Williams tradition dating back to 1966. Once in January and once in May, all Williams students—and anyone else who wants to, for that matter—are invited to stay up way too late for a night of music, goofy acting, and things-you-know-but-can't-quite-remember. It's the final exam for everything you never learned at Williams College.

We are Four Oreos from Paradise, the team who won last January's contest. That is the prize for winning trivia: more trivia. If you win this contest, you have the privilege and requirement of running the next one.

What you'll need:

Before the contest:

  1. Once you've gathered your team, pick a dope team name. Any name will do, but the best team names are answers to trivia questions.*
  2. Before 10:00PM on the day trivia starts (10:00PM is like the latest, sign up as soon as you realize how cool Trivia is), go to and register your team. Find the link to the audio stream, and open that. That's how you'll hear questions. (Make sure your computer runs it without issue.)
  3. Also click on the link to your team's chat room in the upper-left corner of the homepage (make sure everyone on the team knows the password so you all can join). You'll be joined by a moderator from our team. That's how you'll send us answers.
  4. Upload a team photo for a bonus point, and so the other teams know who to swear vengeance against after your inevitable sweeping victory.

What Will Happen:

More Info

Be sure to read the official contest rules for all the nuts and bolts.

Almost all the trivia from the past 105 contests is online in the Trivia archive at If you want to see what questions and boni are like, go there.

Some old folks still use email. The Trivia mailing list is where you can hear scathing reviews of the contest afterward, and also post your own postmortem (highly recommend, the trivia community is great). To join, go to


So start forming your team and planning your snacks as soon as possible. Send any questions you have to me at mconger [ at ] umich [ dot ] edu. We look forward to chatting with you in chat rooms and laughing with/at you in action boni on Friday, May 10th!

*The reason the best Trivia team names are answers to trivia questions is that the answer to the first question in the contest is, by tradition, the name of the host team. So you've got that going for you.